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Geoff B.:

I don’t think it behooves Mormons to say, “well, you must be baptized in our church to be saved.” Instead, the argument should be: “This is the way you continue your journey of drawing closer to God and feeling the Spirit on a more regular basis. This is only the beginning — there are marvelous things to come.”

via » Yay! Nearly everybody is saved! – The Millennial Star.

Geoff is right on the money. A friend of mine recently related that, though he had grown up always going to church and believing, he wanted to dedicate more of himself to Christ as a disciple. He wanted opportunities to serve, and he felt that his involvement in his current church at the time was not helping. The reason he became a member of our church, besides finding a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, was the opportunity he saw for a truer form of discipleship, for the opportunity to “give back” as opposed to his years of merely consuming what was given.