Men and Parking Spaces

“Increasingly, the messages to boys about what it means to be a man are confusing. The machismo of the street gang calls out with a swagger. Video games, television and music offer dubious lessons to boys who have been abandoned by their fathers.”

—William J. Bennett
Why men are in trouble –

The pendulum swings both ways.

Whereas 20th century western culture fostered a prototype of  the brainless homemaker woman, the sexual revolution has popularized a prototypically stupid male with lack of ambition, latched to the teet of sports, games, and pornography.

Sadly, it appears these warped gender roles have infiltrated our church membership to a remarkable degree. As Latter-day Saints, striving to be disciples of Jesus Christ, we must do more than resist the world’s temptations: we must reject the world’s expectations.

So, begin to expect men to be less Adam Sandler and more Ammon. Don’t excuse your disappointment in the men you know, but encourage development of righteous traits. Stop measuring others against the standard of the world— measure them against “the fullness of the stature of Christ.” (Eph. 4:13)